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The TeachyourselfPython series has been amazing with my Year 9 and GCSE classes - they are inspirational and engaging - I learned a lot too!" -Steven Carter


"Loved the Mastering Computing Series presentations especially on some of the more complex topics like Boolean Logic and Karnaugh Maps. The logic gates series includes video tutorials and demos" -Joe Roberts


"Thank you so much! I found the four part (teachers only) series on A453 File Compression and Javascript/HTML (for A452 Traffic Lights 2017) very useful in getting started" -Faye King

100s of interactive customisable power points for teaching KS3, GCSE, A Level (high school and college) Computer Science. Includes Video Tutorials and more.

Courses and CPD available (subject to availability) to teachers and students. Python, Visual Studio (VB.Net), Javascript and HTML. GCSE (A452/A453)

Learn to code, Learn Computing Theory for GCSE and A Level courses as well as general Computing high school competency. Get ahead and get good!

Compare the quality and quantity of our resources to any comparable package. Power point series on tackling GCSE controlled assessments and A level projects. Comprehensive theory teaching powerpoints

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Amazing Value * Annual subscription * 100s of teaching and independent learning Power Points available * Far more comprehensive than many comparable resources, fully customisable and interactive. Join the growing number of schools across the world (notably the UK, USA, CHINA, KAZAKSHTAN, UAE, RUSSIA, AUSTRALIA and INDIA) that are investing in our computer science resources to aid high quality teaching and learning. Note: Resources are TOPICAL so can be used by high schools. colleges and private tutors.  Many power points support units including: A451,A452, A453, F451, F452, F453, F454, OCR, AQA and EDEXCEL, New and Old Spec topics. Scroll down for FREE downloads * Includes series on Learnng Javascript and HTML5, Visual Studio Programming and Python GUI Programming for beginners to advanced.


Samples / freebies

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Amazing Value

Perfect for Independent Learning

Customisable Teaching

GCSE Theory and ProgrammingTopics

AS and A Level Theory + Programming (Interface and Code Provided)

GCSE & A Level Controlled Assessment Prep Exemplars (teachers only)

Programming Tutorials - VB.Net; Java; Python

ADVANCED Theory: Tutorials - Programming and Theory

100s of Interactive Powerpoints for KS3, GCSE, A Level and FE

E-Portfolios, Assessment criteria

FULL PACKAGE £50 * AMAZING VALUE * Hundreds of powerpoints * Mastering Computing Series * TeachingComputing Series #1,  #2  #3 * Worksheets * Video Tutorials * Quizzes *  Assessment Material * Exemplars * Collection of Computing Starters and More.

Access to Drive with all resources included.  +  New materials added on request *Consultancy on curriculum, on request        

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Subscription Members Only

Teaching Computing Resources

Teaching Computer Science Resources

Teach Computing Highschool

HighSchool Computing resources

College Computing resources

teaching Python programming

teaching VB.net programming

How to solve controlled assessments

How to solve A452, How to solve A453

Computer Science Resources for teachers

Teaching students to program

Preparing students for controlled assessment computing

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        Series 1, 2 and 3.

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TeachingComputing has been redeveloped! All content (New resources and features) will be live in the  next week or so (2017). 100s of more resources. Complete Learning Pathways for all years from Year7,8,9 to GCSE and A level. Coding lounge, and inspiring lessons - all inclusive and planned out for you. Worksheets, powerpoints, engaging videos, starters, plenaries, and more. Why are we different? Our learning pathways will bring learning to life, save you 100s of hour.Check it out for yourself: SNEAK PREVIEW and feel free to sign up/subscribe at




When you've had a look at the sheer amount of material available - look at the pricing plan. Incredible value for money! Existing members will retain access to this legacy site's drive till the end of the academic year.  Please do subscribe to the new site if you like what you see! At just £50 (compared to the books and other resource packages out there) you'll agree the brand new site is unbeatable value for money.